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Picasso Terracotta tile for £400

Owning a work by Pablo Picasso would seem beyond the dreams of all but the world’s wealthiest collectors. But a forthcoming auction will allow fans of the artist to pick up a Picasso for as little as £400 – albeit for a terracotta tile measuring 5×5 inches. The tile is among 170 lots in a […]

Miniature Brick Kits

Tims a brick By Emily Pearce – Friday, April 29, 2011 TIM Bristow is a man with a passion for bricks. One of the founders of the York Handmade Brick Company and owner of Bembridge shop Clay Clay, which sells brick and terracotta items ranging from flower pots to kitchenware, Tim has now launched his […]

Climategate Two more bricks fall out of the IPCC wall of deceit

Daily Telegraph By Gerald Warner Politics Last updated: March 16th, 2010 Oops! There go another two bricks, tumbling out of the IPCC wall of deceit on man-made global warming – there is not a lot left now; even the Berlin Wall (to which the AGW construct is ideologically allied) has survived better. Unhappily for Al, […]